Custom Camps & Team Building

The idea of challenging yourself is one of the pillars of personal development. By challenging yourself, you grow as a person, and you learn to trust yourself more.

With more than 50 years’ experience in facilitating adventure and school camps, See-en-Sand offers a wide variety of tried and tested programs suitable for primary and high school students

Besides our standard 2-day programme, custom camps can be curated to fit the school or organisation’s individual needs or to meet specific outcomes.

What to expect: 

Participants will be challenged to overcome their fears and step outside of their comfort zone by experiencing thrilling outdoor adventures. Our curated itineraries combine a series of outdoor exercises and lectures which aim to encourage leadership potential while educating learners about the environment.

Participants will get a great sense of accomplishment when completing practical and difficult individual and team challenges which boost their confidence and sense of worth. Participants will get to know themselves better – they will be encouraged to turn their “weaknesses” into personal growth opportunities and learn how to harness their strengths.

Throughout our camp participants embrace thrilling outdoor activities which teach them about responsibility, discipline, communication & social skills – understanding dynamics in social settings, supporting each other, thinking of others, being helpful and appreciative.

All activities are supervised and facilitated by Henk Esterhuysen and his qualified lifeguard instructors.

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