Lifesaving Course Information

03 - 09 October 2021

Please note that the 2021 course is fully booked

Since its inception in 1971 See-en-Sand has trained thousands of lifeguards, saved more than 14 000 lives, and attended to more than 40 000 emergency incidents.

Over the years we have developed and continuously crafted our unique 6-day intensive lifesaving course programme which equips students with an in depth understanding of the ocean.  We are confident that, once qualified, See-en-Sand students will be exceptional lifeguards. Our course focuses on:

  • Reading and understanding waves, breakers, currents and tides
  • Identification of a safe and dangerous beach
  • What action to take if you or someone is caught in a current
  • What action to take if someone is injured in the sea, on the rocks or on the beach

​Lifeguard Training

Our students will also receive training in:

  • Practical first aid
  • CPR
  • Rescue and relief techniques
  • Swimming of rip currents
  • Fitness and endurance
  • Stress and crisis management
  • Beach organisation such as swimming area demarcation, maintaining beach and public discipline, enforcing municipal by-laws
  • Beach administration such as maintaining a daily incident report covering; swimming and drowning incidents, first aid assistance, duty rosters, public comments, etc

Who should attend this course?

Being a lifeguard carries an extreme public responsibility therefore our programme is directed at young and energetic students who understand and accept responsibility for their own conduct as well as the public. Students must be 16 years of age or older when serving as a lifeguard.

If you can remain calm under pressure, have a strong sense of community service, have good communication skills and enjoy the outdoors, then you have some of the necessary qualities to become a successful lifeguard.

Due to the nature of the course candidates are required to have strong swimming skills, moderate to high level of personal fitness with good self and group discipline. We require our students to understand that their personal success is directly dependent on the greater success of the group. If you are an independent thinker and a motivated self-starter then our lifesaving course is ideal for you!

Next Camp: Lifesaving Selection Course 03 - 09 October 2021

We accept a maximum of 121 students and the course takes place from 12:00 on Sunday, 03 October, at the See-en-Sand campsite in Hermanus. Friends and family are encouraged to attend the certificate ceremony which takes place from 10:00 – 11:00 on Saturday, 09 October.

Qualified lifeguards may be required to serve their duty over the December and April school holiday period at one of our allocated beaches.

Course Costs

The course fees are R4000.00 per person and a deposit of R2000 is required along with the completed application form to secure your entry.

Please contact us via email should you wish to discuss down payment options.

Course fees include:

  • Course material – practical and theoretical

  • Hat

  • Transport

  • Accommodation at our campsite

  • Daily lunch and supper 

Course fees exclude:

  • Lunch and dinner on the first evening

  • Breakfast

  • Snacks

Students are required to stay at the See-en-Sand campsite for the duration of the course. They may bring along pocket money to buy breakfast or snacks. There will be daily opportunity for them to visit shops in Hermanus CBD. We do not encourage a large breakfast in the morning as this hampers vigorous activity. Our campsite and cabins have kitchen facilities that students may make use of.