Understand the Ocean Weekend Camp

24 – 26 September 2021
29 – 31 October 2021
12 – 14 November 2021

Water Safety: Know the Sea for School Groups

Waters along the South African coastline can be quite treacherous therefore this camp aims to equip individuals with the necessary confidence and skills to safely approach the sea. This weekend camp is a condensed version of our lifesaving course in that it covers the core lectures, exercises, and water activities, such as:

  • Reading and understanding of ocean currents
  • Understanding tides
  • Cliff jumping
  • Basic lifesaving rescue and relief techniques

 A new and exciting addition to our weekend camp is responsible coastal foraging and seafood preparation.

The idea for this camp was started in 1971 by Sparks Esterhuysen. To this day we still receive calls from past participants telling us how they have used the practical skills and techniques they learnt during the course to save themselves or others from dangerous situations. 

This camp is suitable for:

  • Primary school learners: Grade 6 – 7
  • High school learners: Grade 8 – 12
  • Leadership development groups
  • Choir, sports, or other special interest groups

The cost is R1 250 P.P and is inclusive of:

  • All meals (excluding snacks)
  • Accommodation
  • All activities 
  • Instructors and facilitators

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